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Welcome to Cambodia:
Cambodia is a small country located in South-East Asia bordered on three sides by Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The population is just over 14 and a half million people; 85% of which are ethnic Khmers. The rich Cambodian culture is shaped around the beliefs and teachings of Buddhism, the primary religion of Cambodia. Buddhism’s doctrines of respect for others, especially the elderly, and emphasis on traditional family values, are integrated into Khmer people’s everyday life.

1 Day Tour Itinerary

Start from: Angkor Thom was built by the king Jayavarman VII in the late of 12th century after the king he won the war from Cham. Cham (they from Champa country now is in the middle of Vietnam) they use to colonial in Angkor complex since 1177-1181 AD. Bayon is a state temple of the Jayavarman VII it have many tower and many faces ( 54toweres and 216 faces) that it is located in the middle of Angkor Thom;.Baphoun is a state temple of the Udayadityavarman II that was built in the middle of 11th century. Phimeanakas temple located in the middle of Royal palace area; it was built by king Rajendravarman II; Jayavarman V and SuryavarmanI. Elephants terrace is a stadium of the king number VII. Leper King Terrace is a justice. Taprohm is a temple that the king built for his mother; and which is the tree temple. Angkor Wat is the 7th wonder in the world.


COUNTRY SIDE TOUR Half day. 1 Day. Home stay Tour Enjoy boat trip or canoe tour in the floating forest, Fishing activities, Make smoke fish, Authentic life style , Rice cultivation, Handicrafts, Local plants, Monastery and School. TONLE SAP LAKE

TonLe sap lake is huge, located almost in the center of Cambodia and close to Siem Reap province. During the dry season, from November to April, it covers an area of 210 km and is nowhere deeper than 2   meters or some places shallow, which could not let the big ship, go through. But during the rainy season from May to October, it is fed by the waters of many rivers and streams,TON LE SAP Lake swell to about three times its normal area and reached a depth of 10 m.  This annual shallow flooding covers the surrounding country with a layer of moist, nutrient – rich mud, ideal for growing rice. In addition the to being the center of Cambodia‘s rice – growing province, corn and tobacco, and water melon and black been.  the Ton Le Sap Lake also provides the country‘s second main food items: FISHS. Its warms, shallow water teems with carp, and eels.

In fact, Tonle Sap Lake is one of the richest freshwater fishes hatcheries in the world, yielding as much as 16 tons of fish for each square km. Dried or salted fishes are a staple of Cambodian‘s diet, along with rice. Because of its richness with these two foods, the central plain around the Ton Le Sap Lake has been populated since ancient time. Angkor Wat, old capital and religious center of the Khmer empire, is located near northern end of Ton Le Sap Lake.

A BOAT TRIP TO GREAT LAKE OF FLOATING VILLAGE is another great experience where you will see the daily life of combined ethnic group of Vietnamese and Cambodian and Cham (Muslim). The way of their living is quite different from on land living community. So victorylucky is pleased to offer the 3 different choice of Boat Trip. 1. Chong Khneas Floating Villge. 2. Kampong Phluk. 3. Kampong Khleang.

Kompong Khleang
Kompong khleang is located on the northern lake edge about 48km east of Siem Reap town, more remote and less tourist than the other two; visitors to Kampong Khleang during the dry season are universally awestruck by the forest of stilted houses rising up to 10meters in the air. In the wet season the waters rise to within one or half meter of the buildings.Kampong phluk, Kampong Khleang is a permanent community within the flood lain of the lake with an economy based in fishing and surrounded by flooded forest, but Kampong Khleang is significantly larger with nearly 10 times the population of Kampong Phluk making it the largest community on the lake.

Tour cost start from59 US$ The price includes a car with A/C and petrol, tour guide, parking fees, road tolls, cold water and cold towels. Not include: accommodation, tickets and meals.

Thank you that visit us.
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